I take a limited number of commissions per year, please contact me for details and pricing, which varies according to size and medium.

Out there in the field
Where the last of the sun
Catches the strands of your horse’s mane
and takes your breath away in the beauty of the moment
and you think your heart cannot contain the love you have
for this, your horse

I’ll meet you there
In gratitude for the huge trust you have gifted me..
A glimpse into the relationship you have
With this incredible being….  


I’ll open my arms wide
So wide, to take it in
I’ll wrap this to myself, tight
and I’ll hurry away with it to my heart
this precious gift of an interaction with your horse

and breathless
I’ll carefully select the colours to capture 
The spirit, the deep wildheart and sheer beauty 
I’ll dip my brush into my soul
and let your horse guide me
into the privilege of..

The Portrait of your horse

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